Notice for Summer Vacation Loan (2018)


 Eligible audienceUndergraduate studentsGraduate students

 Execution period

2018.06.15 – 2018.08.16

 Due date


  1. From 06/15/2018, you can renew the book which does not exceed the due date through online service till 09/17/2018. (Nevertheless, the books must be returned by the due date if they have been renewed more than twice or reserved.)
  2. All the library services will be back on the track on 08/17/2018.
  3. Since Summer Vacation Loan is a long period borrowing, all the loans due on 09/17/2018 should be returned and not to be renewed.

 Eligible audienceStaff(&family)、Alumni、Students of Extension   Education、Interlibrary-loan users、Community Residents

  1. Summer Vacation Loan will not be applied to this audience, but the regular service can be served as academic term.
  2. Full-time teachers unable to return the loan by the due date, please apply the extension loan by 08/16/2018. (Nevertheless, if the books have been reserved, the extension request can only be ignored.)
  3. The application for the extension loan can be made by phone or email with The Librarians.

 The Librarians:

 Mr. Zheng, Yi-Sheng'E-Mail:jheng1009@stu.edu.tw;Tel:07- 6158000 # 2310

 Ms.Lin, An-Jan'E-Mail:ajlin@stu.edu.tw;Tel:07-6158000 # 2305 

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